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Welcome to Wugnet - the website linking you to a WUG near you

Welcome to the new Wug.za.net website. Wug.za.net is a South African site geared toward a community based wireless network world.

WUG - Stands for Wireless User Group. There are many wifi groups around South Africa and here you will be able to find a way to connect to one nearest to you or even start your own.

All WUGs listed here are non-profit communities, that do not offer any commercial services such as Internet, they merely offer an infrastructure for people to exchange information and data and play games.

All equipment is standard wifi equipment, operating under 802.11 standards which makes it affordable to anyone.
Joining and setting up your node is more a learning experience than a chance to leech files, you will learn a lot...

The goal of wug.za.net is to integrate all the WUGs around the country and potentially link them together in the future.


Check out the GETTING STARTED guide if you are unsure about anything, otherwise click on the Chat icon at the top and come chat to us!

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Some items for sale from other WUG users

Login and check out the classifieds to check out further details.
Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M2
It is a brand new Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M2. It is a 2.4GHz indooroutdoor 8dBi CPE. In original p...
Looking for a cheap used netbook/notebook to download footage and data logs at the racetrack...
Looking for WUG kit
Good afternoon guys and girls Im looking for a WUG kit in the Northcliff Fairland or Cresta area ...
SilkWorm 200E Fibre Channel SAN Switch
16 port brand new SAN Switch include 8 x gbics Slight surface scratches ...
5.8 Kit Complete
Complete 5.8GHz Kit in good working order. 30db Antenna, RB433 etc. 0794976852...
XBOX 360
XBOX 360 with 20gig HDD and wireless controller. NO PSU. NOT FLASHED. Lite-on drive. contact me on m...
Complete 5.8GHz Kit in good working order. 27dbi Antenna RB411 etc. Fourways I need to sell because...
Playstation 2
I have a PlayStation 2 for sale includes 30+ original (excellent condition) games PS2 remote control...
HTC Hero
Brand New phone in box with accessories Bought for wife and does not want it or to swop for WUG kit....
Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S2 for salegot S3 now so the old one must go.Good condition phone with cover and scre...
I am in the market for a belt driven table saw with a 10 or larger blade. I needs to run on 220v s...
Cooler Master HAF 922 Chassie

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