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Welcome to Wugnet - the website linking you to a WUG near you

Welcome to the new Wug.za.net website. Wug.za.net is a South African site geared toward a community based wireless network world.

WUG - Stands for Wireless User Group. There are many wifi groups around South Africa and here you will be able to find a way to connect to one nearest to you or even start your own.

All WUGs listed here are non-profit communities, that do not offer any commercial services such as Internet, they merely offer an infrastructure for people to exchange information and data and play games.

All equipment is standard wifi equipment, operating under 802.11 standards which makes it affordable to anyone.
Joining and setting up your node is more a learning experience than a chance to leech files, you will learn a lot...

The goal of wug.za.net is to integrate all the WUGs around the country and potentially link them together in the future.


Check out the GETTING STARTED guide if you are unsure about anything, otherwise click on the Chat icon at the top and come chat to us!

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Some items for sale from other WUG users

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Smart Bridge
Smart Bridge PWG Nexus 12 3412 New still in original packaging 9 in stock....
full wug kit
Hi there i am looking at joining the pta wug is there anyone selling a full kit in the pta area ...
Crazy fit Massager
This "shaker" is one year old, and was used about 30 times> became a white elephant, ideal to make ...
2.4 Ghz 24db Grid
Used grid with feed in good condition. Pickup prefeered postage can be arranged PTA East 0711...
Sentech high-gain flat panel
Paint encrusted, plus around 20m of co-ax cable, installed by bdt. The thing worked nicely on Sen...
Microtik 433
wanted Mikrotik RB 433 R52 MiniPCI card and Lnb cable mine got damaged due to all the rain please n...
Base Station Antenna
Tongyu X-Polarization Directional Antenna (TDJ-232718D-65PT0)...
Wanted Broken UBNT Bullet
I have a UBNT Bullet that has physical damage to it would like to repair it with some spares from a ...
Hi Guys Im looking for DDRII 800Mhz RAM I have a dual channel motherboard so I need them in pa...
2 x COMPTEK Routerboard with 2 x lan ports(Daisy-chain-power enabled) 1 x 2.45Ghz 54Mb ABG Atheros ...
2.4 GHZ antenna
I have a New 2.4 GHZ antenna FOR SALE. +- 26db Fully assembled - East Rand Please call John - 0...
Complete wug kit
Complete wug kit. Moved so I no longer have Los With 50m lan cable and mounting pole. ...

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