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Getting my own IP?

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:42 pm    Post subject: Getting my own IP? Reply with quote

Hi there,

I have done all the steps in the " Getting Started" guide, but have come to step 8 and havent been able to get the form mentioned to obtain an IP adress. I already have the wug kit installed and wanted to try and find a good signal.

I bought the 30 dB WUG kit from Miro in Midrand...
My coordanites are listed as D-Tower in Elarduspark x4 Pretoria. How do I go about setting up the WUG futher?

Thank you very much for your help and support.

Regards, Derik Smile
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Derik, please, please read the getting started guide on http://www.ptawug.co.za/content_list_14

See step 5 - everything is written down there in great detail, with screenshots, etc.

5. Software Configuration and connecting
Make sure you have a static IP configured on your computer's network card.
Make sure the light on the routerboard is on, and it has beeped twice.

Download winbox from http://demo2.mt.lv/winbox/winbox.exe

Run the winbox.exe program.

Click on the browse button next to connect.

Then select the only entry that should be in there (your routerboard's MAC address).
Click Connect.

Once connected to your router, you need to change the following basic settings:

* Click Interfaces. Select wlan1. Then click on enable (The blue tick button)
* Double-click wlan1.
* You need to click the Advanded Mode button on the wlan1 screen first to see the country settings and radio name settings.
* Change the country setting to South Africa (If your country is not set to South Africa, you won't pick up any PTAWUG signals)
* Change the Band to 5Ghz
* Change Radio Name to your nickname that you will use on the wug

Once you are done:
Click on Scan and turn the antenna slowly looking for a SSID that starts with www.ptawug.co.za. Mikrotik automatically scans all the frequencies in the 5ghz range, so it does not matter on what the frequency is set.
Easiest way to scan is to sit on the roof with your laptop while turning the antenna. Align your antenna until your signal is the best you can get it (closer to 0 is better, eg. -60 is better than -80).
Please note that a grid antenna is very sensitive, a mm either way makes a huge difference in signal, thus the antenna needs to be mounted on a stable pole before scanning.

-90 = really bad (can not connect)
-80 = bad
-70 = average
-60 = good
-50 = awesome!

Once you have found a www.ptawug.co.za/x SSID click on the SSID and click connect, then make sure the scan is stopped, you wont be able to connect while a scan is running. Click close. You must be connected to a PTAWUG ssid before u ask for IPs. You are connected if winbox says "connected to ess" (see picture above as example), then come on IRC to get IPs. Remmeber that you as a user have to connect to a SSID that has "Sector", "Omni" or "Panel" in the last part of the SSID, users are not allowed to connect to backbone grids.

You can also use the Align feature in winbox to use the sound the routerboard makes to align perfectly (like a metaldetector). Click here for a tutorial. Please not that your band needs to be set to 5ghz and not to 2ghz as shown in the tutorial.

* Switch on and log into the routerboard/router

5.1. Request IP addresses

* Scan and connect to the highsite, configure RB, using assigned allocated IPs - for this step come on IRC - irc.ptawug.co.za #ptawug
* Use the following commands on IRC in #ptawug : ?? bitches > your_nickname eg. (?? bitches > Pietie) to get a list of users who can allocate IPs. Use !seen nickname if the users are not around. this will tell you if they are online but not in the channel and/or will leave them a message that you were looking for them.
* Once you have an IP address and your PC is configured, please use to access the internal wiki.

5.2. Common mistakes when trying to connect

* PROBLEM: I don't pick up any www.ptawug.co.za SSIDs. SOLUTION: Make sure your radio's country is set to South Africa and not "no_country_set".
* PROBLEM: I don't pick up anything when I scan. SOLUTION: 1. Make sure your Band is set to 5ghz in winbox. SOLUTION: 2. Make sure that you have assembled you grid antenna correctly, as per the picture above. SOLUTION: 3. Check that you have connected you pigtail to the MAIN connector on your radio and that the Antenna Mode in winbox is set to 'antenna a'.
* PROBLEM: When I click connect in the scan window it does not want to connect - displays 'Searching for network' in the wireless tab. SOLUTION: Some sector antennas (especially in Centurion) run Mikrotik nstreme protocol - enable nstreme on your radio, click Advanced and then enable nstreme in the nstreme tab.
* PROBLEM: My routerboard keeps disconnecting me from winbox. SOLUTION: 1. Set any static IP on your network card and then try again. SOLUTION: 2. Use the Mikrotik Neighbourhood Viewer to connect to your routerboard.
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