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[edit] Mnandi Highsite (MN)

We are planning the creation of a Highsite in Mnandi.

The plan is to eleviate some of the load off the Raslouw Highsite, and give users more west of Centurion access to the WUG.

The Mnandi Highsite location is one of the highest points in the area.

In Phase 1 there will be 1 backbone link between Rasslouw and Mnandi. The plan is to add a second backbone (for redundancy) at a later stage.

[edit] Hardware requirements

Raslouw HS - Backbone sender

 - MikroTik MiniPCI 802.11 a, 25dBm , MMCX Connector (Sponsered by SailingQueen)
 - 5.8GHz - Grid Antenna - 26 dBi (5470-5725)  (Sponsered by SailingQueen)
 - MMCX(m) to N(f) Bulkhead - 300mm Pigtail (Sponsered by SailingQueen)
 - N(m) to N(m) - 3 Meter Cable (LMR400) (Sponsered by SailingQueen)

Mnandi Highsite - Backbone receiver

 - UT4 enclosure & Stainless Steel pole mount brackets (Sponsered by SailingQueen)
 - Mikrotik RouterBoard 433, 3 Ethernet, 3 miniPCI (Sponsered by SailingQueen)
 - Mikrotik R52 Wireless MiniPCI Card (Sponsered by SailingQueen)
 - 5.1-5.8GHz 27dBi Grid Antenna (Sponsered by SailingQueen)
 - UFL To N-Type Female Bulkhead 300mm (Sponsered by SailingQueen)
 - N-Type Male - N-Type Male 1M (Sponsered by SailingQueen)
 - POE 15V South African Version (Sponsered by SailingQueen)
 - Water proofing kit: Butyl Tape 25mmx3mmx1M / Black Nitto Tape (Sponsered by SailingQueen)

LOS pics

 - LOS to Raslouw HS http://www.wug.za.net/newlos2.php?fl=9854&tl=3116
 - LOS to Basden Highsite http://www.wug.za.net/newlos2.php?fl=9854&tl=9509
 - LOS to Centurion central : http://www.wug.za.net/newlos2.php?fl=9854&tl=3251
 - LOS to Biotite : http://www.wug.za.net/newlos2.php?fl=9854&tl=7933
 - LOS to Donneld : http://www.wug.za.net/newlos2.php?fl=9854&tl=9229
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