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Where:Linkup is an event designed to help people meet other people from other Wireless Groups, see what they have in common, share their knowledge, experiences and see if they can collaborate.

Link - Share - Learn. All WUGS are invited, all Hobbyists and people interested in Wifi Community Networking. Meraka will show off some of their Mesh stuff and the WUGS are welcome to give talks. Miro will be exhibiting, The Speaker that will be opening for us Elektra Aichele, Freifunk taking on Community Networks
Directions:Building 53, Dept. Science & Tech, CSIR Campus, Pretoria
Date/Time:2008-02-23 09:30:00


NameEmailContact no.Topics to discussTime reg.
1Xarion  hidden.  2008-02-17 22:30:46
2Toxin  hiddenGaming  2008-02-17 22:56:42
3Nitrious  hiddensee what its all about  2008-02-17 23:24:53
4techie  hiddenhighsites  2008-02-18 10:35:48
5bot  hiddenA new home. My old home froze  2008-02-18 12:25:43
6Cave Man  hiddenJawug management structures! Delegation of tasks  2008-02-19 01:22:58
7MadSimba  hidden  2008-02-19 22:17:42
8Silencer  hiddenalong for the ride  2008-02-23 07:40:59

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