Jawug WugMeet

Meet info

Where:Venue: John barreble hall

This is a East rand wugmeet and all east rand wuggers are encoraged to

attend but all are welcome.

PLEASE PUT A CONTACT TELEPHONE DOWN as the venue might change at short

notice. you phone number will not be publicly available.

The mag man road race will be happening at this venue in the morning

and as there will be lots of ham radio volunteers there, thats why the

venue was chosen. we will have a braai and i'm sure there will be food

for sale too. I(Hooligan) will be there and can be contacted on 083 454 2328


1. Welcome,

2. whats jawug about.

3. welcome new members

4. whats happing in the east, highsites being connected.

5. general(thats what you write in the comments when you register)
Date/Time:2009-04-05 02:00:00


NameEmailContact no.Topics to discussTime reg.
1HooliganMD  hiddenabove agenda  2009-04-01 16:24:57
2Cellular  hiddenwill try to make it!!  2009-04-01 20:34:21
3Deon  hidden  2009-04-02 10:37:48
4Silencer  hiddenIncreasing network backbone capacity in the East  2009-04-02 17:25:51
5Angotull  hiddenNothing  2009-04-02 21:59:28
6Robert  hiddenas much as possible  2009-04-03 17:13:21
7Charles Ash  hiddenDifferent equuipment and connecting entire communities to the WUG  2009-04-14 11:02:28
8mt teffo  hiddenhi, i am at germiston next to germiston lake or victoria lake. i want to join the network but i am sure if i will have a reception in my area or if is there, which equipments to purchase. your advice will be appreciated.  2009-04-18 09:35:26
9anton  hiddengaming  2009-05-15 15:34:06

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