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Where:A year has passed since the last major WugMeet which was the AGM where there were some major developments such as the formalising Jawug as a structured entity.
This meant that Jawug now conforms to processes that other clubs go through, such as a proper set of financials and elections of a management committee. These are the members that take the executive decisions on how the WUG will progress and this will be aim of the AGM and are voted in by active members.

The AGM will be held on Saturday the 14th August from 10am. At the following address:

Company: MAMI
Address: 21 Hubert Mathew Road,
Illiondale Itinerary:
10am-11am: arrival & introduction
11am-12am: presentation from current
Mancom 12am-1pm : Nominee presentation -
committee nominees will introduce themselves
1pm-3pm : Braai
3pm-3:30pm Voting, counting,
introducing new Mancom members 3:30 onwards: Festivities

The AGM is geared to members that are active on the Wug and wish to contribute to the way it progresses forward.
Anyone that is not on the wug and is looking at joining Jawug is also very welcome to come and get a familiarity with the people and how things work on the wug.
Very often questions that are not easily answered on the wiki/forum/chat are easily resolved by asking and chatting in person.

So come join us for a fun day of chatting, eating, drinking and getting to know your wug and its' members. We ask that you arrive no later than 11am if you wish to participate in the voting process.
Directions:Company: MAMI
Address: 21 Hubert Mathew Road, Illiondale
Date/Time:2010-08-14 09:00:00


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1Xarion  hiddenWe have funding, we need sites  2010-07-24 11:38:19
2Nitrious  hiddenall stuff wug related  2010-07-24 13:17:26
3Deon  hidden  2010-07-26 21:12:44
4ProfMerlin  hiddenmore HS's, meshing and redundency  2010-07-26 21:25:16
5Russian  hidden  2010-07-26 22:20:12
6NightShade  hiddenMember Projects  2010-07-27 10:18:42
7Gert Steenkamp  hidden  2010-07-27 11:41:23
8TheSecretTurnip  hiddenHS at my house or/and Skyview Castle  2010-07-27 17:53:28
9crazyzulu  hidden  2010-07-28 16:47:38
10Gil  hiddenerr  2010-07-28 18:46:59
11Gareth  hidden  2010-08-01 10:22:31
12Vixen  hidden  2010-08-01 21:20:12
13Spyromon  hiddenNew HS almost complete need help raising tower.  2010-08-02 10:35:25
14Christoff  hiddenWP -- Kit unused , Russian's bad css skills   2010-08-02 15:43:45
15Abudabi  hidden  2010-08-02 21:44:41
16Andre (Silver)  hidden  2010-08-03 10:38:53
17Toby  hiddenMeshing Oppurtunities  2010-08-03 19:05:58
18Paul Butschi  hiddenLots of stuff...  2010-08-04 16:11:05
19minevid  hiddenbju1 access  2010-08-04 22:09:29
20Alurik  hidden  2010-08-04 22:45:43
21Kieran Evans  hidden  2010-08-04 23:19:18
22Plakkies  hiddenEast rand caos  2010-08-05 07:57:47
23Nawty  hidden  2010-08-05 08:17:34
24alt21  hiddenPeace in the middle east  2010-08-05 10:04:46
25peanut  hidden  2010-08-05 19:00:07
26Splash  hidden  2010-08-05 19:21:34
27Silencer  hiddenEverything!  2010-08-07 12:44:53
28Vampyre  hidden  2010-08-09 16:04:13
29Chris Labuschagne  hidden  2010-08-10 06:01:28
30Mark  hidden  2010-08-10 09:04:15
31roberth  hidden  2010-08-10 16:45:04
32Patrick Eilers  hiddenWug General  2010-08-11 07:59:59
33pSiMann  hiddenLife, the universe and everything  2010-08-11 15:14:56
34Craig  hiddenHS  2010-08-12 12:28:48
35Thomas  hiddenRouting  2010-08-12 19:13:15
36blackswan  hidden  2010-08-12 20:57:49
37Reaper_ZX6  hidden  2010-08-13 08:29:08
38KeezA  hiddenProjects, wiki, updates, future plans  2010-08-13 21:47:19

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