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Where:Its been a long time coming, and a few cancellations, but this time its for certain.

This email serves as a notification of an EGM to be held for the purposes of electing a Management Committee for Jawug on November 20th 2010.

We've got a venue booked, and a very simple agenda.

Nominations for Management Committee members will be closed on the 18th, no nominations or any changes to be made to the list on the day of the vote.

Please make your Nominations here http://jawug.org.za/MANCOM:Nominees_2010-2 before the 18th.

We want to start at 11am sharp! So be there for 10am just to be sure. Location:

Nashua Mobile
42 James Crescent
Halfway House


Enough spaces for 200+ cars, it will be signposted from the main road


10am: Arrival
11am: Start
+ Mancom (old and new) will introduce themselves.
+ An explanation of what has lead up to the re-election and the holding of an EGM will be given.
+ There will be a Q&A session where members can ask questions
12pm: Voting starts
2pm: Votes will be counted and the results announced
Directions:GOOGLE MAP
Date/Time:2010-11-18 10:00:00


NameEmailContact no.Topics to discussTime reg.
1daffy  hiddenExpansion  2010-11-15 15:28:43
2Russian  hiddenWug Upgrades in general  2010-11-15 17:09:34
3Ryder  hidden  2010-11-19 09:29:54
4KeezA  hiddenVoting, new links, current W.R. link  2010-11-20 07:54:35
5sheantswoto  hidden  2011-01-03 00:05:48
6gwvlgcriqw  hiddenUSA  2011-01-10 21:37:57
7kslkjmomho  hiddenUSA  2011-02-17 18:04:30
8hqeuqz  hiddenUSA  2011-02-21 02:05:37
9Graham Elston  hidden  2011-08-16 21:32:56
10Silver  hidden  2011-10-12 01:11:13
11Shadrack  hiddenNothing at the moment.  2011-11-01 10:24:27
12Graham Elston (Proxy Vote)  hidden  2011-11-04 13:16:03

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